Cnetric- Rendering Commerce Platforms that Listen, Learn and Adapt

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 08:27 IST

The world of retail is undergoing an unprecedented wave of innovation. Technology, of course, plays a major role, but it is not the only force at work. New business models are appearing that will have a profound influence across the ecommerce and wider retail value chain. At the same time, consumer behaviours and expectations are evolving. Though instant access and fast turnaround will still be a key part of the equation, other requirements have come to the fore- proactive customer service & support and free or very low-cost delivery anytime, anywhere. Besides all that, CPG & Retail companies are also investing in ramping up their capabilities in the analytics segment. So it’s fair to conclude that the retail industry of the country has been witnessing a colossal digital transformation by utilizing the powerful e-Commerce capabilities provided by the likes of Cnetric. However, in order to deploy these solutions in real time, large investments in IT and infrastructure are required which is baffling for most small and medium retailers. Established in 2003 in Bangalore, Cnetric, a global systems integrator focused on providing enterprise solutions for Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing sectors has been solving this problem with a cost-effective omni-channel e-Commerce solution. 

Cnetric is a Systems Integrator, delivering Omni-Channel Commerce and Marketing Automation solutions for Mid-Market and Enterprise customers. With over a decade of experience in Digital Commerce enablement across the globe Cnetric team utilises a range of partner solutions across order capture, order management, supply chain management, international logistics, search optimization, analytics and marketing automation. Cnetric promises adaptability in utilizing the technology appropriate for a client's business size, operational complexity, and roadmap. “Our go-to-market strategy with most of our clients has been around innovation more than anything else”, quotes Manohar Durai, Founder & CEO. The solutions go beyond the mission-critical front-end and fulfillment applications, and extend to delivering cost-effective operations management. 

Digital Commerce
The company is focused on the IBM Commerce suite of products for the enterprise; software that has left a mark in delivering exceptional Scalability and User Experience. Cnetric’s Universal Commerce Suite leverages the IBM Commerce on Cloud solution that includes web & mobile e-stores, order management & fulfillment capabilities, call-cneter and digital analytics with additional add-ons or assets built by Cnteric to extend the capabilities with digital innovations from across the globe. Cnetric, being a Premier Business Partner of IBM, constantly strives to innovate and refine its service offerings and deployment capabilities. Site visitors often use a plethora of terms to describe the same product which leads that term to generate a number of results that lead nowhere and are irrelevant – camouflages the content that really deserves the customers attention. Through a learning algorithm that collates intent from hundreds of retail sites, Cnetric’s Universal Commerce Suite has the capability to deliver highly contextual search results that clearly improve site conversions, and dynamically create catalogue pages that collate products for popular Search Engine terms – driving relevant users to the 
client’s website.

Cnetric's Universal Commerce Suite allows retailers to have an online presence that supports their vibrant online business models cost-effectively. Meanwhile, the venture also provides solutions for retailers to merge business analytics with e-Commerce. This allows retailers to influence the purchasing choices of individuals in real-time. The company's Universal Retail Dashboard facilitates large volumes of data to be extracted, combined, and visualized, thereby enhancing the decision making processes of various organizations. Cnetric also provides other mid-market solutions in Business Analytics and Integration to empower retailers. Universal Retail Dashboard is a SaaS reporting solution that helps small and midsized retailers to create, manage, and deliver reports via the web or embedded enterprise applications. The retailers are spared from the trouble of sifting through the data in order to derive insight – the Universal Retail Dashboard churns the cluster of data and provides analytics through visualization and shows only pertinent information to make well informed business decisions. So to step up the profitability further, Cnetric also sports organic search capabilities powered by platforms like BloomReach. Leveraging a deep understanding of client’s site’s and Web’s content via its machine learning algorithms, BloomReach Organic Search matches consumer intent to clients’ content to get products found and drive revenue. Organic Search is geared with BloomReach’s Web Relevance Engine (WRE), which harnesses the power of big data to drive discoverability for websites.

Cross-channel Order Ochestration and Intelligent Fulfillment
Cnetric brings together its experts from the ecommerce background related to inventory management, warehouse management, supply chain optimization etc. to facilitate the clients with IBM’s Cross-channel order orchestration platform called Sterling Order Management. The platform provides order orchestration through a centralized inventory, order promising and fulfilment hub to support omni-channel fulfilment. Moreover, it helps enterprises increase fill rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, improve customer loyalty and increase share of wallet. The Sterling Order Management system enables companies to make better decisions on how to promise and fulfil customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction. Cnetric also delivers the ‘Intelligent fulfillment’ solution in partnership with JDA to optimise the ‘cost to serve’ to fulfill orders from all channels leveraging the real-time itertative planning and exection engine from JDA.

Digital Marketing Automation
The marketing database as we know it, is now thing of past. A marketers’ database is no longer about data capture for analysis and segmentation purposes. There has been an evolution. The new marketing database is about individuals and the actions they are taking every day, and it’s about recognizing and acting on their behaviours to create positive customer experiences. Organizations across the country have realized this and are seeking one such solution that could help them render top-notch experience to the customers. Cnetric understands the requirement and therefore fetches the answer from IBM Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Database, formerly known as Silverpop. IBM Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Database now gives marketers the ability to finally start building customer relationships one customer at a time - at scale. How does that work? IBM Marketing Cloud gives marketers the tools to capture massive amounts of data about every unique customer and prospect. This data leads to the creation of a unique single identity for each unique individual. Creating and leveraging this single identity leads to a consistent digital experience reflecting declared and inferred preferences based on behaviours across channels.

IBM Marketing Cloud not only helps a company store every identity, handle, address and ID for each individual customer, it also automatically helps you consolidate all the information into a single contact record ensuring that everything you understand about a customer lives in a single place. 

Ever since its inception, Cnetric has tried to ensure that the experience with the clients does not end with the life of a project. In order to achieve this, the company works closely with clients to provide thoughtful insights into key business challenges, develop strategies and tactics to address each, and chart roadmaps to enable and deploy change. The company also avails a full complement of services that address vital issues that businesses face today. The services include helping clients enhance, enable and sustain change, improve operational performance and transform & grow business. “This has gained Cnetric a healthy relationship with the customers, which has enabled Cnetric to provide a platform for the mid market enterprises to grow exponentially”, says Manohar.

Cnetric focuses on transferring knowledge between team members developing cross functional teams that exhibit strong software ability and technology skills. However, success doesn't eliminate occasional crunches. And for Cnetric, this required coaching on soft skills such as customer management, communication, and the need to keep pace with industry changes. Nevertheless, the company is positioned sturdily as a superpower in the domain of eCommerce solutions. 

With an in-house strength of 80 plus members, Cnetric's quest to reach the pinnacle of success intensifies every day. The team undergoes rigorous internal training on various technologies, customer service methods, deployment styles and so on. The flexible work culture fosters creativity and innovation. The team is kept on heels through frequent team outings, and awards & recognitions for outstanding performances. Having worked with a large clientele circle-including Canon, Telstra, David Jones, Hobby Hall, King Power and Ramcar, the company envisions expanding its team to launch new e-Commerce solutions for B2B trade and soon extending its reach in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. From Cnetric’s global headquarters in India, the company has expanded to empower clients across four continents, with offices located in Singapore, USA, Australia and the UK. Carrying forward its legacy, Cnetric seeks to complement customers’ insight with a project team capable of understanding the business and delivering successful outcomes in the ecommerce industry fabric.