Ginesys: Market Ready Innovations and Developments Retelling Retail

Prashant Lohia
Founder & CEO
Today, most of the traditional retailers operate on tight margins and face increased competition from new retail formats such as e-commerce and web stores. They have to deal with constantly moving stock, the high number of employees at multiple retail outlets, different pricing, discount and loyalty rules applied to hundreds of products, etc. And then, there is GST of course. Ginesys ERP Software, a product by Ginni Systems, has a pan India presence, with a clientele of leading retailers like Mufti, Manyavar, Biba, and Soch. Established in 2006 with Kolkata as the primary base, Ginesys has been building and delivering retail solutions and services spanning Procurement, Production, Inventory, Sales & Distribution, Retail Management, Point of Sale, Data Analytics, SMS/Email Notification, Finance and Accounts and E-commerce integration.

The Research and Development team workstirelessly to ensure that Ginesys offers retailers with the latest Business Analytics advancements that will help their business grow. Ginesys offers retailers with reports based on the data collected, that helps drive businesses at a click. Partnering with Qlik,the ERP product offers an in-built robust and informative reporting tool that to help retailers with information about their business health at the right time allowing them to take strategic decisions without any delay. Qlik is a renowned analytics and reporting tool that gives the information for all of the KPIs of a business at a single click. Retailers can view these reports wherever they want and also provide them with a dashboard
for a quick overview of the business. Besides, the provisioning of flexibility has been a key driver for Ginesys’ growth in the market. The freedom for Retailers to customize enables a lot of room for flexibility which is essential to improve the efficiency making Ginesys Retail ERP a viable option for the retailers. Turning shoppers into potential loyalists for the retailers has been the core advantage of Ginesys’ operational approach. Ginesys enables retailers to collect, analyze and reward their loyal customers in order to look alive in this fast-changing retail space.

" Ginesys offers retailers with reports based on the data collected, that helps drive businesses at a click"

Troubleshooting Practical Problems at Hand
With the advent of GST, emerged a plethora of challenges that retailers went through. The retail shop owners had to redo their processes to adhere to the compliance set by GST. Closely keeping track of the changes, Ginesys decided to tackle the obstacles head-front. In order to help their customers and their respective ecosystems, Ginesys came up with a GST return filing solution, EaseMyGST, which was fully integrated with Ginesys and assisted in clearing out all their queries and dilemmas about the new GST regime. “This is just one example about how we are constantly evolving with the times”, adds Prashant Lohia, Founder & CEO at Ginni Systems Private Limited.

The Ginesys team is rapidly embracing the web and their main aim is to make the entire solution work in the browser. Work on Mobile integrations, e-commerce integration, and deeper CRM integrations are also underway. “We are working round the clock to become the first choice of all the Retailers from Fashion & Lifestyle and Supermarket Segment when a retail ERP software comes to their mind”, adds Prashant. Having been presented with awards and recognitions like Quality Customer Service Enabler at India Retail Awards for three consecutive years, Ginesys is proving its mettle and getting a stronger grip in the market with each passing year.